Travel guides: Destination Paris

Mar 10, 2013

Okay I should call this Travel Tuesdays and I shall, but it's a sunday and I'm bored at home so yes I'm sitting on my bed making mood boards cause I'm a girl and thats what girls do, we read magazines and talk about boys and what to wear.
I've been getting a lot of questions on my Tumblr  on what to wear when traveling to Paris. First of all I'm so honored you'd even want my opinion :) So thank you. You've made my morning less boring.

We all want to travel light don't we? It's hard yes and sometimes it takes a while to master this I'm guessing travel expertise? Lets say we are leaving for a week, shall we? 

Whats always worked for me has been packing only two pairs of pants and several different tops options.
Above I've featured a black crop pant with 3 different tops both great for day and night! That's 3 days for ya, so boom! 
French culture is classic/feminine. It's simple yet pretty. Don't try to over think what you're going to wear, after all you're on vacation so relax.

 1) Rebecca Taylor floral top
2)  Stripped top
4) heeled flat from Banana Republic 

The reason I picked a floral dress is the simple fact that a plan navy dress would of been so obvious. It's   fun to have fun in what you're wearing. Be confident if you don't feel good in it...then don't wear it. I wear the weirdest things according to some friends but I feel comfy so I look confident and thats the trick...I think / I hope haha.
I hope this helped or inspired you all in some way or another! Happy travels!

1) Floral day dress
2) Karen Walker sunnies

3) The perfect walking wedge 

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  1. OMG thank you!! This is perfect!! I am going to Paris in a week (Im pretty sure I have commented that a billion times... but I'm soooo excited!)

  2. Love this! dreaming of Paris on a lazy sunday now..

  3. Love it! Looks like a perfectly packed suitcase. I'll use this when packing for my honeymoon this June! :)


  4. This is great and really sound travel wear advice. Although what type of coat would you take?

  5. lovely!
    ~niki <3

  6. great way to show people how to style the outfits!


  7. simple and wonderful!


  8. hey! just for saying that here I was, checking a portuguese news website, and then you appeared in a photo on a piece about the new google glasses lol or at least the girl is your twin sister :P is this you? here is the link:

    love the floral dress btw :) xx

  9. Exactly what I would wear on vacation!

    xo Jennifer

  10. I love this! Keep doing these, please! x

    <3 Melissa

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