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Mar 10, 2013

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Dress: Gentle Fawn (or here), Top: Top Shop, jacket: Vintage scarf: Nanette Lepore, socks: Stance

At home, having my brother cook breakfast for me. Which consisted of just pasta. Philip Charles and I are notorious for eating the weirdest things in the morning. I'm back on Long Island for the weekend, unfortunately a family friend has passed. It's hard times when someone you love is gone, but that's life. People come and go. They leave impacts in your life, they make you smile and they make you appreciate the little things and then they leave to do their work else where. 
(at least thats how i'd like to see it)
 I know many of you have been asking questions on my Tumblr about my family and where they live and if Pierce is my son. 
*Pierce is my seven year old brother. This devil child is not mine. Hahaha.
*Yes my parents live in Paris, but they kept the house on Long Island (for now).

Anymore questions? Feel free to ask away on my Tumblr I'll try to respond. I love silly questions so if you ask me funny ones i'll respond quicker.
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  1. Beautiful photos!
    I love your hair.

  2. Ah, so you guys are on of those weird breakfast people. I can only drink milk in the morning xP...Haha I love Pierce ! He was hilarious in your 'in the tube' video where you washed you hair and stuff xd
    I'm visiting Paris this year, maybe you'll do some kind of 'best places in Paris' post or something conected to it? cheers ! ;))

  3. awesomeness!

  4. beautiful photos :)


  5. adorable!


  6. Beautiful dress!

    xo Jennifer

  7. Amazing dress!

  8. Such beautiful images. The Gentle Fawn dress looks amazing on you.


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