{The truth} Paul Mitchell

Oct 1, 2012

I've been wanting to share the Paul Mitchell video with you on Trop Rouge for a while, but couldn't find a proper link. I couldn't be happier with how the campaign turned out and it's true I use to not be very confident with my natural curls. I'm fine now.
I've gotten a hair cut recently and at first I wasn't sure about the length but now love it! Sometimes it's just so hard to find the right salon, I like to use different techniques, one app that I found quite interesting and easy to use was:
Find Your Salon : you can find different  places you can purchase Paul Mitchell products.

Okay you saw the truth about my curls...submit your own using #curlconfession and also check out the Paul Mitchell FB for me.


  1. ah, i have shared some of the same things with curly hair! i have naturally curly hair (which i straighten a lot now), but when i wear it curly, people are very often under the impression that that's just how it is! in a sense, yes, but it takes a lot of work!
    i love your personality in this video!

  2. Christina you have no idea how much I indentify with you! My hair is almost a copy of yours, and although I'm older than you (I'm 33), you have inspired me to go back to curly hair after about 12 years of straightining. I feel liberated and so confidant about my hair now, and it's because of the inspiration you've given me. So thank you! Big love from South America!

  3. Your hair is amazing! You didn't have any reason to be unconfident about your curls before. They're beautiful! :)

  4. wow, that hair, bam, it's gorgeous!

  5. Your hair is amazing! I found your blog because of the video that you and Bonnie did on her blog. I've followed her blog for awhile now and now I'm following yours aswell. :)

    - http://despite-the-style.blogspot.com/

  6. AMAZING ... I totally understand
    from one curly hair gurl to another....
    love u!!!!

  7. I'm completely OBSESSED with your hair. I'd love to trade you in all complete seriousness.

  8. Oh congrats...so cool! Stop by my blog...raising cancer awareness/cure! http://lisapetrarca.blogspot.com/2012/10/do-you-know-someone-with-cancer.html

  9. You are absolutely adorable. I'll be honest, I definitely thought you are one of those lucky wake up and go kind of hair people lol.


  10. this is such a cute video and it's so nice to hear you loving on your amazing curls!



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