For Friends

Oct 2, 2012

I had some of my best friends come visit me in NYC. It was their first time. I think that those 10 days were some of the best  days of my life. I can't remember being that happy in a long time, laughing so hard I cried or staying up till 9am just because we didn't want the night to end. I forgot about blogging and all the stress of my whole family moving back to Paris, I forgot about how much I missed France and everything else going on in my life. I wanted to share this video I made with guys see so much of ME and ME and ME and I want you to see my friends...cause they make me who I am.

The National: Apartment Story
Beach House: Myth


  1. Cristina, are U moving to france too? that would be nice to see you in the streets of Paris!

  2. that video made me smile<3 your friends seems to be wonderful:)!

  3. Such a lovely video, put it on youtube, will subscribe you fer sure!

  4. Aw <3 Happy to see you had such a good time with friends. You should never feel obligated / stressed to blog.

    Keep Happy!


  5. Are you staying in NYC or moving to Paris?! Both city are so awesome I would have trouble choosing.

  6. wonderful!


  7. great video & such sweet words to accompany it, some of my best friends live far away from me and i miss them every day... so i understand where you're coming from :)

    also, this video makes me miss nyc... just spent a couple weeks there aaaahh i want to go back! haha

  8. i love nyc & paris & this video so much!

  9. The video is really great! I loved it!
    By the way, I wish to visit New York some day! :)

  10. such a cute video! i love these kinds of blog posts! i know how you feel too! lvoe your blog and style xx

  11. TOTALLY understand what you are feeling.


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