Many Stripes

Dec 14, 2011

Top: StyleMint, Skirt/Necklace: Poleci

I've recently become addicted to StyleMint. For those of you who do not know StyleMint, it's Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen new line of T Shirts. I love the personality and style quiz you take when just signing up.
I ordered this striped shirt from StyleMint about a week ago, I really loved the colors and how soft the fabric was, plus after clicking on the video link and watching Mary-Kate and Ashley talk and style the model, I was happy to be able to see how the fabric actually fit before purchasing it.


  1. You've got a gorgeous blog! Keep on the good work!

    Hope you'll may stumble over my blog too ;)

  2. FUCK, that song just startles me every time. So annoying

  3. "FUCK, that song just startles me every time. So annoying "
    I agree!!!!

  4. Aw, wish you guys could be a littler nicer about it, even if you find it annoying, no need to curse. I'll change it up later tonight

  5. You are soo cute and I am obsessed with your hair! New follower love :) xxAnisa

  6. Wow!
    You´ve such an amazing outfit darling! And I love your hair so much! What about following us each others? I´ll be totally happy :)

    Wish you nice weekend

  7. i just love your hair so much!

    xo katrina

  8. If I'm gonna be honest, the music is kind of bloody fantastic.
    I was drinking a cup of tea...and found myself humming 'nanana....for the better....wwooooorsee'.

    So it's working, keep the music :P


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