Art of Gifting

Dec 15, 2011


These are a few items I hope to to be wearing and dancing in very soon....a girl can dream right?
Swatch has the perfect simple watch design very easily stackable and since all I do is overload my right arm with as many accessories I can fit, this works!

Do you remember when I use to have 3 kitties? (if not you obviously don't follow me on tumblr)
Francis, Zoey and Benjamin

I had to give them all away (to very good homes)...but yes I use to have three adorable, amazing, smart, playful kitties. If I still had them I would (in my psycho mind) have them decked out in jewels.
Yes, Zoey would of had an ear cuff and a gold Swatch watch hanging from her tail...don't be hatin.

You guys should most definitely join the Swatch Art of Gifing contest on Polyvore!
Click here to Join and start making your own wish list just like mine. See if you can beat how cute my cat picture is haha, kidding you can't it's too cute!

Anyways back to seriousness. When you make your wishlist you can tag a friend and if your wish list is the winner you and your friend receive a Swatch Season Special in Golden Rebel or Shimmer Ray...
Click here to see more


  1. Please shut down the music.

  2. The watch is wonderful. I want it SO badly.

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