Pandora Decoster

Jun 22, 2010

Hey Guys Here is a painting that my friend Pandora Descoter from Open The Box drew of me.


This painting looks just like me, it's scary haha!

Pandora is so talented it blows my mind! We use to be neighbors, I remember waking up, to hop on my scooter to scoot my butt off to school and I would See Pandora hopping on her Vespa to scoot her butt off to school too. :)

She surfs for Roxy and will competing in this years Roxy Jam in Biarritz, France. Pandora will have her art show during the Roxy Jam I'll keep you all updated. (I'm also going to be in France I'm super stoked!)

I have some exciting news for you all But I won't share it till after my birthday ! I think You guys are going to be very pleased....


  1. Oh wow it looks like you! She's really talented!

  2. This is amazing. You certainly do have amazing neighbours.

  3. Beautiful photos, and amazing painting.
    I am following you now. :)

  4. She sure is talented! You look great, a bit Mona Lisa like haha

  5. wow she is really talented ! Gorgeous painting

  6. CHRISS! thanks for the post. im so glad.
    quand est ce que tu arrives a biarritz? le projet NEW WAVE est a organiser
    besoin de toi!
    je te contacte via facebook

    belle gossss

  7. Wow, you're always up to something new and exciting. It's been my dream to travel to France, it's awesome you have that opportunity to go. That painting, wow! It does you like you and it's nicely done. How cool.

  8. great portrait.

    On a side note, first time checking out your blog and definitely not the last. I'm loving your style, It's fresh.

  9. the painting is beautiful! great blog you have! your pics are so lovely

  10. The dramatic colors in this picture are insane, its gorgeous.


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