1st Award.

Mar 13, 2010

the rules:
1. post the logo on my blog
2. pass it on to 15 other great blogs

So I received my 1st award. Yaah super fun! I'm so excited my blog is only a little over two weeks, So I'm super contente. :) I received this blog award from Oh to be a Muse. She has a pretty cool blog. So check out hers aswell :)
Here are 15 other great blogs that I enjoy and that you guys should take a look at:


  1. ohhh merci beaucoup, je ferais un ptit article demin alors :) bisous

  2. thankyou so much! thats so amazing of you:) you absolutely deserved your blog award 100%, i cant believ you've only had it up for a short while, its doing absolutely amaizngly and i love it!

  3. congrats on the award!! and im gonna check out the ones u chose :)
    hope your ok and thanks for entering my giveaway!!! :)
    love sammy

  4. Thank you so much & congrats on your award you deserve it you do have a very cool blog and your style is even more cool xoxo

  5. Congratulation your blog deserves this award. Its so spectacular.

  6. Thank you so much! It means so much! You totally deserve your award, your blog is incredible!


  7. Thank you so much for :) You really deserve this award, you have a great style!!


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