Windy winds

Mar 13, 2010

Fake rabbit fur- Urban Outfitters. Sample Circle scarf- American Apparel. White Tunic- American Apparel. Cement colored tights- American Apparel. Vintage shoes- Joan & David. Hat- Lachaize Creation.

OK, So it has now started to rain....

You know what is funny and off topic? That I clean my room everyday....And yet my room is always messy...clothes are on the ground, I have a dozen water bottles near my bed. My journal(s) are under my pillow...And I am always wondering why I can never sleep good...oh yeah it's because I'm sleeping under books. URG!

but other then that i have no dust or paper on the ground..just a room full of very necessary clothes :)

Oh my gosh I have to put on the pictures when I went to LA for my commercial


  1. I totally love your outfit!

  2. this has got so much 'm.i.a' appeal, mixing bohemia and electric vibes together. as always, love your style, love the blog, and cant thank you enough for featuring me in a post. big love from the uk, charleston

  3. I love this outfit !
    Beautiful pictures : )
    Thanks for your comment !
    You speak really well french :D

  4. I really like your style, simple with an edgy twist..I follow you!


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