Squaring out with Square Cash

Aug 12, 2015



Photography: Ryan Ulsh

If you're anything like me then you have to eat..and you have to use money to do so. It's sorta the law.

I'd like to consider myself pretty tech savvy and am always on the lookout for anything that's remotely new and better than the last. I go out with friends all the time and not all places enjoy splitting the bill a trillion different ways especially when you have that one friend that loves making the waiters night a living nightmare asking him to split it this and that way...It gives me a headache even thinking about it.

Square Cash is this new app that I've been using and has been a personal life saver.
It's pretty much idiot proof and the money goes directly into your bank account when you cash out. That was the real deal breaker because no one likes to wait around for their money, It's free between friends too.

Seriously check it out it's the only app I've found that lets you deposit directly into your bank account without waiting around. Download it here


  1. Is that like that square thing you attach to your phone? My friends and I use venmo but that gets annoying and I love any and all new apps. Gotta check this out.


    COFFEESLAG What's In My Bag

  2. Wear this one next time: http://www.dialetu.com/en/shop-by/brand/breda :D

  3. Great photos! That salad looks delicious.

    XO, Jessi

  4. Seems good!

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