Music Monday | Owning YOU

Aug 10, 2015



Remember last weeks playlist that was all like - "Omgee I'm crazy just kidding I'm okay, wait what?"

Yeah well that's the past, stop dwelling!  We're all a little nuts and if you're not then you're lying to yourself cause I KNOW for a fact we all say crazy a** shit and then pray to god the text didn't go through or that all he thought we said was a silent mumble about the weather or something totally boring and not about you two or anything..right? Right.

top: bought in Calvi, pants: Vintage levis, shoes: Howsty, hat: Worth & Worth, bag: Elizabeth & James

This outfit has nothing to today with Monday's playlist in fact I like this outfit a lot and feel like it screams "Hi, Christina here...and like I LOVE brunch and super normal girl shit".

I bet you guys didn't know that not only are these pants totally trying me in the camel toe department, but they are also so tight..need to end this "I'll take fries with that thing I do" ugh. I actually wore them on a date with a guy  about three weeks ago... (even tho in his eyes it would be 1 week since he has no sense of time...) he had no idea about my camel toe situation and guess what...he never will cause boys don't read this site except for my HI DAD.

Below's playlist inspire's "Owning you..."
(just sum feel good songs to make ya feel good, smile & not care bout anything)

Houndmouth - Say It

Ben Kweller is just the best and Daniel Rossen's Silent Song....perfection.

Any fav's or anything you'd add? 



  1. I love that top! Thanks for the playlist!
    Holly x
    The Twins' Wardrobe

  2. As always, your swag is undeniable. Thanks so much for this dope playlist. I look forward to being inspired by it :)

    Enter my Giveaway

  3. I hate it when an amazing pair of jeans is a little tight around that area, happens to the best of us aha! Love the outfit, and will definitely be checking out this playlist! x

    The Twins Wardrobe

  4. Such a cool look, love it!

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  6. Hi,

    Simply amazing style. Your shoes selection is hot!


  7. Missing something in that outfit? ;)
    Check this out:
    Maybe the brown one

  8. YES to the hat I love it!

  9. I love those pants! Such a fan!
    HD //

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