{Sunday Inspiration} ICE ICE BABY

Mar 31, 2013

Some Sunday morning inspiration for you all on this warm Easter morning.
 I love surfing videos, been watching them years, they didn't help learn how to surf any better but  I learned boys have cute butts in wetsuits and girls can shred to!
Also I grab inspiration from just about anywhere and I think we forget it's not just pretty looking girls running thru fields with long flowing hair that can inspire us. It's also girls that kick ass!! Like major ASS.
And with that I present to you a Iceland movie one of my best friend's  Leeann created showing you just that.
Most music in Clip by Charphil  & Betty The Shark
What are some of the things  you draw inspiration from?


  1. Love it! Makes me wanna go on a trip myself haha


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  3. WHOA MOMMA. Seriously badass ladies! And such an incredible place! Never surfed or swam in the ocean in my life but this video makes me want to give it a go.

  4. God, I've just discovered your blog and I'm truly imperessed. Your style is perfect, I mean it's inspiring for me :) I follow some other lifestyle blogs, but yours will be my no. 1 ! I found you on tumblr and I would be happy if you checked my blog: http://hiddendualpersonality.tumblr.com/ maybe you find something interesting on it.

  5. This is so cool! I've always wanted to be a surfer, but then again, I have a terrible fear of the water. Surfer girls/guys are awesome!


  6. beautiful video! Thanks for sharing!!


  7. loved it..... It really made me wanna live life to the fullest :)

  8. this is amazing, these chicks are incredible.



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