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Mar 14, 2013

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jacket: Vintage (similar), Dress: Vintage, top: Top Shop, shoes: Top Shop

I've always been super into vintage. The thrill of rummaging thru racks jammed packed with hidden treasures has always been my happy time. Long Island thrifting is way better than thrifting in the city (in my opinion). The city has been picked over so many times and then priced so ridiculously. Found this amazing coat that dates back to when my dad was a little kid in the late 60's He was much more exited than I was, saying it reminded him of his sisters and basically just growing up... I don't know, it was a nice feeling. I'm fascinated by so many different styles and decades its hard to place my finger on just one style I'd like to stick to...being one style is so utterly boring to me.
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  1. great combo! really love your vintage dress! :)

  2. That jacket is gorgeous! That's the kind of one of a kind vintage find that makes alllll the searching worthwhile. Love these shots!

  3. Love, as always!

    xo Jennifer

  4. adorable!


  5. love this! totally agree--i'm a huge vintage/thrifting fan + my style goes all over the board. so much more fun. xo

  6. Absolutely gorgeous... even in messy surroundings!
    And I agree, I couldn't ever pick one style.. how boring!

    Juliette Laura

  7. LOVE this look! You've really gotten me hooked on the fur collar look! I have it all over my blog now!

  8. I love your style! :)
    I also think it is very cute how excited your Dad got over the coat that it brought back childhood memories. [The beauty of real vintage]

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  9. anyone who tries to truly vintage shop or thrift shop in the city is, in my opinion, a bit foolish.... the absolute best finds, and best deals, are always out in the random rural or suburban nooks of the world. new jersey has some truly incredible consignment shops and amazing estate sales, and the best antique shops i've been to are in the middle of nowhere pennsylvania or in sleepy towns along the delaware shore. for an actual hunt, you need to leave the city.


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