For the Good of music

Jul 8, 2011

This is Kari one of the vocals for Swear and Shake.
So as you know I love music! Hence the melodies that seep out of your speakers whenever you visit my site. Now one of my favorite bands and not only cause my boyfriends plays bass in it, is Swear and Shake..they've played with many artist that you listen to now like The National..a favorite of mine (I have too many favorites humhum)
Anyways, they have just started thier 1st ever kick starter. They really need your help to keep up all this momentum!With some really knifty rewards.

One being a Skype date with your favorite band member. If you donate to that reward and pick Shaun maybe you'll get two for the price of one and we can have a chat Haaaha. I also love the personal phone call rewards and sweet emails.... kinda sweet. There are so many more you'll have to see for youself here.

Photo Credit: Becky Korman


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