Two toned

Jun 19, 2011

Dress: Primary. Shoes: Joie

Only two toned dress I own, the sleeves are extra long on me something I've always loved when long sleeve dress shopping. This dress doesn't need much more so I just paired it with my Joie boots that I uh...wear everyday. I've decided to buy all of my essential needs before I go to France. I'm not about to buy things I can very well just buy here: Invisible spray sunscreen *check*, q-tips *check*......that's all I have for now haha. I don't need very much i'm only staying for two & a half weeks. I plan on going to spain for a couple of days...then Paris maybe? I don't know I'll see how I feel. Why leave Biarritz to go anywhere else? I love my town.


  1. love this dress ;))

    Salomé's Thoughts: Sex & the city Later

  2. Your dress is beautiful and you look so pretty :)

  3. I love your blog. Such pretty pictures. I know that you dont like in the city but my blog is about NYC and i would love it if you checked it out!

  4. Christina, "Happy Birthday, Poem!!!" xoxo

    --------------- babe beatific -------------
    amidst meadow, of lovely, pretty wildflowers
    breathtaking beauty, supernatural, she so seems-
    could wondrously watch, behold hours upon hours
    mocha gorgeous goddess, beyond, surreal dreams!

  5. Great dress, you look good, x



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