Summer Oldies

Mar 19, 2010


I just got back from my Call Back and I think that it went now it's just the waiting game.

I took This picture this past summer of Pandora Decoster from Roxy having a Chat With David Mushegain who is by the AMAZING photographer. We had just went surfing out in Montauk woke up early and nursed our hangovers.... Pandora and I got a little Cra Cra with the karaoke.

awww....summer you are just around the corner aren't you!!!

I use to live right next door to Pandora. We use to wake up and jump on our Vespas and ride to our by NUNS!! haha.


  1. beau cliché ! j'adore l'ambiance orange !!

    Des bisous de CELINE & CHARLOTTE

  2. yay! summer IS just right around the corner. such a pretty picture!

  3. that photo is fucking phenomenal honey.


  4. thanks for visiting my blog! and I won't miss LOST for anything too! haha
    great pic btw!

  5. the picture is so fantastic!

    xoxo cla

  6. Sweet photo. I love the color tone. Did you catch that with the camera or was it done in post production?


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