Out Hunting

Mar 19, 2010

Jacket- Thrifted Celine, Pant- AA Riding Pant, Bag- Carlos Falchi, Hat- Lachaize Creation

I am falling in love with the American Apparel Riding Pant!

Oh and on that note...

I got a Call back. So I'm heading into the city today to bounce on that trampoline yet again haha. I Am So happy.

And I am to walk the streets alone just like last time, I tried twittering to people to come join me to grab a bite & drink...but one of my friends was in Florida twittering about nonsense and the other ones were being lazy....

Wish me luck



  1. a female sherlock holmes! i absolutely adore the mix of attitude and ambience. as always your looks impress! hope your well! x

  2. Tu viens chasser avec nous ! On a préparé nos tenues aussi...

  3. oh good luck. Sounsd like you always have lots of exciting adventures and goings.

  4. Good luck!
    And beautiful outfit, love the hat :)

  5. Bouncing on a trampoline and getting paid must be just about the bestest job in the world! I miss trampolining. There are just not enough chances to do it once you’re all grown up.
    Loving these trousers! I think my legs would look like sausages if I tried this look though…

  6. the pants are great! i was just at AA and didnt see them... hummm! good luck with your gig.

  7. congrats on the call back.


  8. I love that jacket. . I also like that hat!

  9. I really like the layering in this. Great blog, following you :)

    -Shoeless Simone


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