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Aug 3, 2015

Top: LNA, jeans: Paige, shoes: Bensimon, tote: American Apparel,  Sunglasses: Spy

I can't think of a better way to start Monday than with this little ensemble. Sure way to turn heads is with this lil number right here... joking but really tho.

Been running errands and stuff  before I head to Biarritz on Friday, hence the low key dressed down look. It's hard running around the city and staying cute at the same time. Plus I feel like this outfit really represents how I feel today...not so hot.
 Ever wanna slap your self in the face for the stupid shit that come out of your mouth? Yeah me neither I'm also super perfect and say all the right things at all the right moments, nothing to see here.

Now here's some music to start your Monday on a less awkward foot then my Sunday night, notice the names of the songs...oh I'm funny aren't I.

Hippo Campus: Suicide Saturday
Jarryd James: Do you remember
ANR: It's Around You
Tennis: Marathon
The Blow: True Affection
EXGF: Idle Hands
Ibeyi: River
yelle: completement fou

Any favorites?...

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  1. Love the top!

  2. Nice outfit! Love the jeans!

  3. I personally really love this outfit and I think it's really cool to see what bloggers wear when they're running around town. I love the white stripes on those jeans and that bandana adds a fun touch to your outfit.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. Love the jeans x

  5. Love the jeans!

  6. Diggin the stripes in these jeans!


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