{Mood} Destination: Just around the corner

Dec 5, 2013

Been feeling really weird these last couple of days..not sure if it's the weather or lack of sleep or the fact that I'm still single and dealing with it very strangely, althought it's great I swear It's just funny thats all.... I swear I feel like I have a different story to tell every day about just something. I'm feeling scatterbrained, but at the same insainly calm... also been going out a lot more than usual. I'm to go ahead and blame this on the weather. Doesn't everybody? Maybe I should blame it on the moon, cause god knows us Cancer's love to blame shit on the moon...It's bascially what keeps me going haha, blaming stuff on the weather or full moon, though sometimes myself. All this to say that  as much as us bloggers like to pretend we are just so god dame perfect we or maybe just me aren't. That  must be so annoying sometimes right? 
Thought I should open up a little here,
 All that to  let ya know I'm still here and the same as before..you can check my Tumblr for that..it's sort of my open diary and less filtered than the typical. But just to let you guys know I don't work with brands I don't truly believe in. Like my Yes To giveaway which ends Friday so I suggest you guys enter! I've been using their products for years, before the blog.  You can enter here

As for my mood board pictured above, this has been my daily go to outfit, The Open Ceremony sweater is sold out but you can get something similar here and  I don't own the Birkenstocks yet, but I already placed an order so expect to see a lot of them here!



  1. nice!... am currently using that NARS palette.... great colors and it travels well.


  2. Feeling the same way. It was refreshing to read your post. I'm feeling the same way and in a total MUDDLE so its nice to be able to relate.Thanks :) https://lescreateurs.squarespace.com/

  3. Nice outfit, love the jeans!

  4. I know how you feel. I've felt that way. Indifferent but you have to keep going. I'll check our your tumbler. thanks for keeping it real.

  5. love that sweater!



  6. love the earthy color palette.


  7. Looks super comfy!

    xo Jennifer


  8. I know what you mean - The weather changing messes with my sleeping schedule and my mood gets all out of whack right with it. Hope you feel better. <3 love your little collage!

    xoxo, Kenzie

  9. I really like that NARS palette (Riding up- Moon) and the money saving thingy would be handy...I do not go for brownish neutrals a lot but I can see it being supergorgeous with your complexion & hair

  10. Hey Christina! I've actually been following you for quite some time, and have even looked through your archives (maybe twice??) and a lot of your photos are in my Inspiration folder on my computer (this is way before I heard about pintrest, ahha). I don't think I've ever commented yet even though I visit your page almost daily (it's on my bookmarks!).
    Just wanted to drop by and let you know that whatever you're going through, we're all here to support you, no matter what happens! I actually just went through a little rough patch myself and I know what it feels like, and all the things I like to blame (ahah I usually blame the weather too ;D).
    Chin up, love, and I hope you have a lovely day~
    <(") Hoda

  11. What a lovely, honest post. Thanks, Christina.


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