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Jan 31, 2013

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Shirt: Juicy Couture, Sweater: Theonne, Pants: Juicy Couture, Shoes: Topshop, jacket: Topshop, Hat: Otte, bag: Cynthia Vincent. ring: Virgins Saints & Angels
Photography: Morgane Bonnet Lay

Yet Again collaborating with one of my all time favorite brands and scents (not even kidding I have too many perfumes from Juicy...) Not only have I partnered up with Juicy Couture in giving away a Surfboard and $1000 gift card to one lucky follower, but also I'm showing you whats my "La La". We all have that super fabulous fantasy world we all live in or wish we did haha.
 Mine is traveling, discovering new things and friends. I seriously can't live without my friends especially the childhood ones. I couldn't make it to Biarritz this month so Biarritz came here! Agate, Morgan and several other kids I grew up to traveled out to spend some time with me and help me move. I mean life savers right? I have some pretty best friends, I couldn't live without. We spent the whole day unpacking and checking out my new neighborhood. 
The East Village is amazing and I'm so excited to discover some hidden gem ( restaurants etc...)
Now for the fun part which is the giveaway...I don't think I've ever given away something quite this amazing before.

Juicy Couture is giving away a signed surfboard by Shay Mitchell (from Pretty Little Liars) a $1,000 gift card & a bottle of Couture La La fragrance.
I encourage you guys to enter ...I mean seriously a surfboard, thats so rad!
Enter HERE

Check out the video I made with my friends..unpacking discovering and simply having a good time with friends.


  1. you're incredibly pretty Christina!! :) love your outfit here! <3

  2. what a fantastic giveaway! those jeans are fab. xo

  3. The video is awesome! You are the best blogger and the most beautiful girl! :)

  4. Amazing photos!:) You have a great style! :)

  5. Love this outfit! Cute video!

    xo Jennifer

  6. simply lovely!


  7. I love your cropped sweater layered over the longer blouse. And the hat and jacket are so chic!


  8. love your style today. shirt and lovely hat

  9. Ahhh, I love your shoes! When did you purchase them?

  10. Lovely Christina.... Video is great :)

  11. love the fact that if you can't make it to Biarritz, to bring Biarritz to your place: I guess your Biarritzean friends aren't complaining about LA experience

  12. Wow love you style and jeans!
    and well, I'm from Biarritz! you should have come! ;)

  13. the name of the song in the video?

  14. u're so beautiful girl ! I am parisian and I follow u wherever u go thought ur pictures :))
    It would be so nice if u check my blog: and leave a comment ;) !
    hope u'll enjoy !

  15. Cute photos, and awesome video. Love it.

  16. very nice pic with a cute girl !!! i like this blog ...

  17. girl in this blog is nice, blog is interesting, i like this blog ...

  18. You look so pretty in everything you wear! And I am obsessed with you hair, girl I would kill for curls like yours! :)) Loving the video too, looks so spontanious and cool! Great job ;)

    Have a great day!

  19. Just adorable photos. Wow you are really beautiful.

  20. Spending time with friends is fun relaxing time, able to share and exchange experiences.

  21. Love how you layered the sweater and shirt!

  22. Coveting the topshop hat, love the whole look.


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