Another day full of R&Em

Oct 14, 2011


Another winner has been announced on the R&Em Facebook!!! I'm losing track what day we are on! haha. Don't worry if you didn't win thoug, because like I said R&Em and I are giving away a bag a day!
Everyday a winner will be announced on the R&Em FB page! Keep checking the page everyday to see if you're a winner.

-Like R&Em on Facebook
-Stalk R&Em on Twitter @loveRandEm to be entered

Also...If you like of tweet any of my posts containing R&Em you will also be entered to win!

Basically everyday a winner is announced on the R&Em Fb page for the entire month of October!
So make sure to like them on FB!!

Must be a follower on either Bloglovin or Twitter


  1. Winner is not anounced :S And when (if) we win, do we have to choose the bag or? Pls answer on my blog so I could see your answer,thanks<3

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  2. You look good on this photo shoot!
    Congratulation to the winner xx

  3. I'm having the same issues! I have not seen probably over half of the winners names and will never know if I'm chosen. Is there some reason names are only posted every other day on Facebook and why doesnt anyone ever respond?

  4. I am stalking :) More great photos!

  5. I love the top clutch. That thing is too perfect. I hope I win! Oh and send my thanks along to R&Em :D

    Castle Fashion


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