The Pink Stripes

Mar 26, 2011

Top: Brandy Melville, Skirt: AA

I know i'm pushing it right?...It snowed like what, 3 days ago? Ha-ha, I can't help it.
I attempted to make home made pizza yesterday. I tried to film a bit of it. All I have tho is Pierce saying her really wanted to use cat food and strawberries as a topping.

So much stuff is going on this week it's getting a little hectic. Sometimes it's hard to fit personal days in-between it all. A day to sit around and not do anything...But I assume being the hard working I am I would get terribly bored and want to DO something. But it would be a nice change. Maybe a trip or a day with just my friends? I'll think of something interesting.

Check me out on Young and Posh. I'm also blogging for Glamour many of the post are different from what you see here.


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