Jan 8, 2011


I've been getting a lot of emails and twitter questions tumblr questions all about one thing in hair.
How do I maintain it? How do I get my hair super curly? Is that your natural color?

Is that your natural color?
My color is real. I have tried to make it darker once but it didn't work out. (here). I have naturally reddish hair/light brown. And when there is a lot of sun it changes in color. In the summer When I'm at the beach my hair turns practically golden. My roots are always dark, but once it starts to grow out it changes it's mind and goes another joke.

What is your ethnicity?
I'm black and white, French Italian.

How do you get your hair so curly?
I don't actually have a secret to this one, I was born with super curly hair.
But I can tell you how I maintain it and keep it looking somewhat healthy.
I braid it at night if i'm sleeping with dry hair. If it's wet then I pik my hair out with a wide inch comb and then sleep with loose wet hair. in the morning my hair is dry and the bed and me tossing and turning gives it a slept in look...literally! ha-ha. I then use a dime drop of Moroccan oil and run my hands through it with my hair upside down.

Do you have a special hair cut??
No and yes, I got my hair cut into layers a while back and it pretty much stayed. My hair takes a long time to grow out. My hair is cut longer on the right side of my head and shorter on the left...I have one piece on the lift side bang that is long. I use this piece to flop over the the right side of my head which creates some volume.

I hope I could help. if you have anymore questions feel free to email me or ask on tumblr or twitter


  1. great post! you really have beautiful hair!

  2. Your hair is amazing! I had seriously curly hair when I was really, really tiny and I wish it had stayed that way.


  3. Thanks for sharing, I've been mesmerized by your hair for quite some time! I like it at that length long hair is overrated.

  4. Hei i didnt know u have tumblr..just followed u. Btw thanks for the post on your hair. I love your hair and i wish i had hair like yours. I know it can be unmanageable at times (i have curly hair too, but not as nice as urs)but its still so pretty. :)

  5. I love your hair ! xd

  6. Thanks for shedding some light on your hair routine. I also am of mixed heritage (black, native american, german) and have ridiculously curly hair. I guess that moroccan oil stuffs IS all it's cracked up to be! Thanks again.

  7. I absolutely love your hair. I'm Fijian, Welsh, and Armenian and I have very curly hair. My hair used to look like that when it was shorter. You totally rock it!

  8. I have to confess, I saw you at the Chictopia10 conference and freeeeeaked out over your hair! I was too shy to say hi then, oh well. But anyways, YES, you have the hair that I always dreamed of! I got mine permed and it was kind of glorious like yours but of course drier and not so bouclé. Then after a year of relishing in curly hair it was too fried and I chopped it all off. Someday I'll have curly hair again...eventually.

    Anywho, awesome blog by the way! Bonne journée!

  9. wouaw ! tes cheveux sont magnifique !!

  10. hey, my hair is similar to yours. just wondering how exactly you braid it when you sleep? i never know what to do with it so i just sleep on it and let it get crazy

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