MINE!! Marais USA

Mar 23, 2010


I know that all of you have seen me sporting these ankle boots.
The Marais USA Chelsea Boot

I scored this pair a couple of day ago in the city after aimless walking in the sun. I walked into Urban and saw them in MY size!!! They had to be mine.

Another issue I would like to talk to you guys about is that I noticed after looking over my blog, that I wear no color.
My main colors are Brown., Cream, Black, White..maybe Cranberry?
I need suggestions what colors do you think I should wear more of?

Also If I get up to 100 followers I shall have a killer giveaway!!


  1. i don't wear enough color either, but i should. maybe you can try blue or spring-time colors.
    thanks for commenting on my blog post. these awards make me feel all special and stuff.


  2. I want a pair of these shoes too!
    And you have amazing style, no need to change anything.

  3. fab shoes!

    For everything about fashion:

  4. I think you would look awesome in pastel colours! And maybe some very bright red!


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