Feb 23, 2010

Hi So like I said before in my previous post, I was/am/have totally cleaning out my room & more importantly my closet....and I'm done!


I had some interesting finds:

I can't believe that I actually still have these terry cloth Rocawear jogging*ensemble*!! PINK! A color i don't really wear hahaha. I can't throw these away they mean way to much to me. I remember going to school in these and thinking I was the coolest chick in town. SO FLY.

I also Found This Old T-shirt from one of my ex Boyfriends Bastien Duverdier..a really cutie. He left this in my dryer when he came to visit me from France, he was doing a photo shot for Vans & Mada; ripped his t-shirt and roped the shirt back together was quite the look.

After all that hard work i pretty much figured out how to out everything back together and in order As you may have seen I have two closets haha. One for my pants, shorts, leggings & pullover hoodies (as well as regular hoodies) oh and shoes. And another closet for my clothes...that wasn't cleaned out properly. You may have noticed a short of pictures haha that's for another day.

OK LOST is in 1hour and I don't want to miss it. Have a good night everyone :)


  1. Thanks for the following :)

    PS: OMG is it your wardrobe?!

  2. Aaahah I've got the exact same england flag bag!!!

    ça me fais penser que je devrais ranger la mienne... le problème c'est le manque de motiv' en pensant que ce sera pareil d'ici 2 semaine!!!
    Un conseil?! lol


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