Le Petit Marseillais x Trop Rouge

Apr 11, 2017

I'm not sure you know how hard this was for me to keep something like this a secret! I work with French brands a lot, but it's rare that I work with a brand that I hold so close to heart.

Le Petit Marseillais is a brand I've grown up with. I am so excited to partner with Le Petit Marseillais, so working with them on this partnership is very special to me. This project was something I was able to have fun with and is a lot like Le Petit Marseillais itself, sunny, fresh and never taken too seriously. As a kid my mom never came back from the grocery store without bringing back something from Le Petit Marseillais. With that being said I'm really excited for you to take check out the video, that I had so much fun filming. Be sure to get your hands on your own Le Petit Marseillais, it has landed in the USA so now you can find the #1 body wash in France available at your favorite food and drug stores nationwide.



  1. I LOVE le Petit Marseillais. Smells so clean.

  2. Félicitations ! C'est génial


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  6. I wish I knew how to put stuff together like this. I feel like I have a lot of unique pieces but I just wear them by themselves .

  7. I bought some while in Paris a few years ago and loved it. Glad I was able to find it here at Wal-Mart of all places!

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