This is not a love song

Jan 6, 2016


Sunglass: Persol, jeans: Sandro, Scarf: Coach, 

Photography: Charpil

France always brings out the best in me. I feel finally like myself...I'm free of the pressure of New York. I love my city, but something about being in New York can give you quite a headache. There is far too much competition these days sometimes even between friends. So it's nice to step away for a bit and watch from afar. 

My friends in France really  know me. I mean they've known me for 13 they know my core, down to how I order food, to what words are hard for me to pronounce...which teacher gave me the most hell and who was my first kiss. It was Paul. Hi Paul!

I'm not the resolution type of girl. I don't like to make new ones because lets face it no one ever really keeps them! It's not going to be a new year new me type of year where I ramble on and on about being "healthy" or how I want to do this or that with my life. I hear enough of that from friends who just talk and talk about all the new fads they are going to try and cancel after a week.

 I'm not doing that.... The only thing I'm trying to do is leaving all the negative people from 2015 in 2015! I'm talking about guys cause all my girlfrans are da best.

2015 was a really hard year for me I had a boyfriend that I loved with all my heart and my heart was broken into a thousand pieces, those pieces have never really found a way back. Parts of me will never truly be the same and it doesn't help when people tell you they never liked him anyways or when they ask why I loved him. Who even ask shit like that?? I just did. You can't help falling in love with a person and that love will stay with me forever. It's helped me figure out a lot of stuff about myself, because it's so easy to blame someone for something but it's never one person's fault and now for whoever is blessed enough (kidding...) to be with me I'll approche things differently and stronger.

So girls lets take 2016 by the horns. Whatever happened in 2015 stays in 2015 unless ya got pregnant cause then that sorta rolls over. (and congrats).



  1. Very nice look! Love the sweater!

  2. I love the cutting of your top

  3. Aww, this post had me simultaneously cracking up and feeling for you. Those breakups are the worst, especially when you hear shit like that from your friends. Like, just be there for me bro, no need to judge! Anyways, it sounds like you're healing and that's the best, even though it will take time. I hope 2016 will be kickass for you.


    COFFEESLAG For Love & Lemons

  4. Totally agree about the resolutions!! I don't make one for the very same reason. Everyone else is starting the year off lying to themselves. ;)
    I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend but glad you get to spend time making yourself happy now, especially in France, I am jealous!
    Also it's a shame, the same people who told you they never liked him should have been confident enough to say that to you when you were together, if they were concerned for you, otherwise don't bother!
    Love your hair, you look great. Enjoy xx.

  5. Cool!

  6. Love the cut of that sweater and your perfect bed head hair!

  7. Gorgeous! Hope you have a great 2016!!! To hell with 2015 hahaha. x

  8. You're kind of hilarious. Thank you for sharing and good luck in 2016!

  9. I love your style and you are so real. And yeah keeping new year resolutions does not help, only to leave the past behind. You look nice :)

  10. Love the sweater! x

  11. I understand what you mean about superficial resolutions, but I find resolve empowering. I have resolved to laugh more, play like a kid, and improve my Spanish grammar. Two very wonderful ways to add positivity to my life and one super practical goal. It's more than an intention that I have for the day (e.g., laugh more); it's a way to improve who I am as a human being - I am a better human being when I'm swinging on swings and skipping down halls while laughing in Spanish. ;)
    It looks like you're resolving to rid yourself of negative people and surrounding yourself with the new and wonderful. I'm sure your 2016 will be promising with that type of resolve to guide it!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your very cool style and some great positive vibes out there.

  12. Ha to the pregnancy but. I don't believe in resolutions either but I believe in reviewing the past year and seeing how you can improve on the things you did. It's sad about your ex but it's great that you plan to not dwell on the past. Life goes on after all. Take care. x

    / O.R.R. - Life & Style Journal

  13. Absolutely love the casual chic look of this outfit! Always love skinny jeans with a big sweater and ankle boots. They are the perfect combo, and the scarf just completes the look! Plus, girl, your hair is beautiful. So jealous of the way it just bounces around there like it knows it is perfectly messy and sexy. Gah. So awesome. Wonderful look, and may 2016 bring you all you need!

  14. Happy new year, queen Christina. Heartbreaks can be tough but you're one strong lady, you will be alright and I just want you to know that beyond your style, I admire your sense of self. Even if I don't personally know you, I just find you empowering! :) #girllove

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  16. keep all the negativity out! You will find someone else who will love you with all his heart :)
    - Belen

  17. The glasses are OK.

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