Ruby on 2nd

Nov 11, 2013

Jacket: Karl Lagerfeld, top: Otte, dress as skirt: Other Stories, shoes: Other Stories, bag: Jess Rizzuti , watch: Follie Follie

This color combo been happening a lot for me ever since this Karl Lagerfeld jacket has come into my life.

As always I'm looking to improve my site and give you guys more content.
 My tumblr is a great way to communicate with me (just leave me a question in my ask box).
 I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.  By popular demand my moody playlist have made a come back as well as my Polyvore destination sets. Anything else? Want to see recipes? Whatever it may be, anything at all just leave me a comment below I'll be checking all week!
And as always thank you for reading Trop Rouge!


  1. that coat is gorgeous!

  2. love this red coat!


  3. Perfect coat ! Like're perfect <3
    Stephanie -

  4. Hi Christina, we met at Roskilde Festival this year, and you were such a joy and sweetheart IRL as I imagined through following your blog. Too bad we didn't get to hang out :) I really enjoy the blog, and cherish it for it's simplicity. Some things I would like to see more of or for Trop Rouge to expand into:

    1) gathering all the videos you're featured in on YouTube so you have them on your channel 'Christina Caradona' (e.g. videos from Refinery, Esprit, The Outnet, 7 For All Mankind, Jennifer Brand, Paul Mitchell ect. )

    2) Already such a style guru, I could see you expand more into YouTube territories. Right now you are the one being interviewed about your style, but I could definitely see you in a 'hostess position', as you are a good speaker with a lot of charisma. Why not expose that even more?

    3) I love your small stories about your family and friends in France. I would enjoy to see more small photo shoots of the three places you call home (NYC, your family home and life in Biarritz). We don't get to see your french side so often, and I think it's one of the things that makes you a unique American - that, and that great, reddish, mixed hair of yours - don't think I ever saw someone with that kind of hair :)

    4) Which leads us to the hair; it is quite amazing, and though your style is always changing - smart, tomboyish, edgy and cute - I believe your hair is getting most of people's attention :) I'm not saying you should turn into one of those 'hair gurus' and talk nothing but deep conditioners and have moisture obsession, lol. Once in a while I would like to see you go through your routines to styling your hair, show us your hair styles when you do chose to not just let it hang down loose.

    5) You are a blogger, model and actress, the latter I would love to hear more about! Tell us about your acting career, and how you are coping with job opportunities and so on.

    6)Do you cook a lot? Because if not, seems like you have a busy schedule, I don't need to see your recipes squeezed in between your work. Unless you have some kind of favorite midnight snack, a homemade drink, and original french dish etc. I did like when you talked about a place you liked to eat in NYC, I think it was in the the Facehunter video. So in the future, it would be great to see small reviews of places you like to eat while travelling the world.

    7) I don't know if you work out that much, I know you're naturally fit, but would be nice to see a post or video about your exercise routine.

    I hope you didn't get exhausted by reading this. Take care, keep up the good work - enjoy the holidays.
    Xoxo from Copenhagen.

  5. You are my favourite! And my sister have told me that we look like :') hahaha I've been following you and now I have a blog, so obviously you are the first that I'm going to follow! xx

  6. Superbe tenue, le manteau et les chaussures sont géniaux!

  7. love the coat!... the color is so vibrant.

  8. Love the outfit, your blog is great! A suggestion....please list clearly on each post which items are c/o (i.e. gifts from the brand). It seems you partner with a lot of brands and I'm never sure which items are gifts. It's an FTC requirement!!

  9. cool, cooler the coolest !!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Ahhh totally love this look, thanks for the inspiration!

    O. R. R.

  11. THAT coat! Wow I love it, the colour is stunning

    Mel x

  12. Gorgeous coat!

  13. Love this black and white look with a red coat! Great shoes!

  14. Black, white, and red is one of my FAVORITE color combinations. But I'm seriously drooling over your purse!

    Shani x

  15. great look as always!

  16. That coat is the bomb, so cool and sophisticated!

  17. Simply beautiful!

    xo Jennifer

  18. The coat is pure perfection! Love it!

  19. id love to see more videos- they're always so cute! xx

  20. Great look - Love the red coat. My favorite piece has got to be those black & white saddle shoes though - What a fun, eye-catching pair of flats for Fall. J'adore! <3

  21. fabulous red coat!


  22. Great look!
    We met at the Reward Style party during NYFW! Will you be in NY on the 20th? Doing an exhibition on the power of blogging in the fashion industry bloggers and photographers are coming and I would love to invite you!

  23. red looks amazing on you! such a chic, classic look

  24. beautiful!

    Hayley xx

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  26. I don't like shoes (not my style) but the red coat is just brilliant!


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