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Aug 22, 2013

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So I leave for Paris today! Yewww! I really excited to attend Rock en Seine! See all my friends and also meet the Jennyfer team again! 
A couple months ago I shot the the Jennifer campaign here in New York, hugely thrilled since I grew up with this brand and I'm pretty sure all you French readers did too..It was sorta the place to go when you're mom gave you spending money It was strait to when they asked me to be apart of the campaign I was floored! I dropped my jaw even more when they told me they were opening up stores in New York...I know right? (again the Frenchies reading this understand haha)
So yeah it's pretty cool they already opened up two stores, one in Crossgates and one in Sangertown
Follow my travel adventures on Instagam there is sure to be comedy...last time I was in the airport I threw a fit and started crying because they made me check two bags (long story)...this was a huge deal for me cause apparently I'm 12 and I freaked out.
Also check out the interview I did with Jennifer HERE


  1. Enjoy Rock en Seine, it's a great festival with amazing artists, you are going to have fun!!

  2. Great news! enjoy Paris to the max!

  3. Oh how wonderful! Have an incredible time!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  4. Oh gorgeous, I'd like to go to Paris... city of love and fashion!

    Greetings from Warsaw

  5. Ahhh have the best time! By the way, you are flawlessly gorgeous.

  6. Have fun!

  7. Hey, I just discovered your blog through the Jennyfer Campaign and all the pictures of french bloggers at Rock en Seine.

    Really like it !



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