ALi Ro

Sep 13, 2011


Remember the behind the scene pictures from here?..I'm extremely happy to have teamed up with such an amazing brand and people. Seriously.
The site is currently live and ready to shop and also to check out my recent interview with Ali Ro. The girls and I picked out our favorite dresses from the collection giving it our own little twist. last month was Keiko's month where she was featured on the site, now I'm currently the blogger of month so check everything out over here

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  1. Hey. I just stopped by to say that a few days ago i was at Kmart and i just so happen to see your picture. You looked gorgeous by the way. And last night i saw a Kmart commercial and i was like o i like that girl hair then when i saw your face i was like omg she's n a commercial too. Lol i just thought i tell u that. ^^

  2. This is adorable, but isn't it supposed to say "It is not TOO prim."

  3. u are gonna be super famous one day..i wish i could achieve what you have but hey, im 20 ive got a few years to catch up to you!!

  4. love all those looks! congrats! :)


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