In a Carlos Falchi

Mar 11, 2011


From Left to right:

-Agenda: I keep all my rsvp's songs I love & things I have to do in here
-Glasses: I can't see far away.
-Multi color pen: Best pen in the word cause it has all 4 important colors.
-Mini film camera- I bring this guy(or my desposiable ) everywhere. For funny candid shots. It brings a little cheapness into every photo :)
-Silver wallet I picked up at UO: All stuff goes in here that I need to pay for stuff.
-L'Occitane: Hand lotion at it's finest
-Mac lipstick- a perfect shade of nude
-Burt's bee's: I mix this with the Mac lipstick
-Mike Gonzalez Mints: Miinnnttiiiii
-Peraly Wipes: This is for after you drink your coffee. It keeps the coffee stain off your teeth. It's fun to use and a great way to start a conversation. "clean up your kisser" I also have to wine wipes and that one works too!!
-Cough drops: you never know!!?
-Gum: This is my favorite gum at the moment.
-Mac Blush: The perfect shade of flushed. color in: SUNBASQUE
-Chanel: my on the go makeup. (brown & red) had it for so long that I have no ideal what it's called.
-Dayquil: Never know when you'r gonna get sick.


  1. You are so old-school with that pen! I used to have that one and a bright one with pink, green, blue, and purple! They were all the rage when I was in elementary lol. What colour of MAC nude lipstick is that?

  2. Your wallet is the same as mine! Cool!

  3. love all your posts! what shade of nude lipstick is that called?


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