Mona Lisa

Oct 28, 2010

I feel like an evil big sister, (last video) but my little brother is too much of a character to not film.

Here is a little info: My mother bought this Mona Lisa painting when we living in France. and ever since Pierce could talk he's been petrified of it, so scared he won't even play in the same room that she is in....he feels as though Mona is watching him. My father sometimes has to cover the beautiful painting with a sheet or put tape over the eyes....hahaha


  1. Your brother is adorable! I get into the same antics with my niece haha I love that age.


  2. Hee-larry-us! When you said Mona Lisa he was screaming bloody murder!LOL

  3. OMG that is so funny, the story and your brother's screaming! :))))

  4. soooo cute! awwwww

  5. Omg too cute! In his defense, the painting is pretty creepy aha

  6. this is SO funny! i was the same way about these weird japanese turtles from fairytales called kappa!

    come by sometime,
    The Ballon Rouge

  7. omg that is the funniest cutest thing ive ever seen in my life! the scream face was priceless. i too have a little brother (hes 5 and im 20...huge gap) and he is a my crazy little twin, so says my mother. apparently i was like him when i was little. hahaha


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