Aug 19, 2010


Hey guys so no real pictures till I'm in New York.
I'm in LA right now modeling for the european Roxy Campaign. Staying at David Mushegain. He's rad I love David. I went for a swim and a long walk. Then headed to a Taco place to get some burrito's. Here I am sitting on the balcony.

I love California.
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  1. You're in my back yard, cool. Enjoy your stay here Christina.

  2. Enjoy the weather here! It's finally warming up.

    cute pic!

  3. that sounds awesome are you comming to NY for the chictopia 10 summit as well?

  4. I seriously need to know how you get your hair the way it is!

    As a multiracial girl with curly q's I find they can be hard to handle most of the time.
    But your hair is so tame.
    I'm totally jealous!

    You should make a hair post or something :3
    Have fun in Cali!

  5. have fun! I'm from california but living in Thailand and man how I miss it!

  6. Christina!!!! if you have a chance go to CHEGO!!!
    it has the best food ever. i am serious when i tell you that! its in downtown LA and it's the same owner as the KOGI truck (korean bbq)
    but the menu is amazing! i never had anything like it. it's an experience in itself! heres the link check it out!

  7. hope you enjoy the weather! its been pretty hot lately. phew, gotta rehydrate and refuel!

  8. haha you modelll sounds amazing!! can't wait to hear about all the incredible shoots :):):)

    <33 [v] hobovogue


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