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Mar 3, 2010


So, after going through blogs and all the different & interesting looks on LookBook I would like to congratulate Maighdlyn! Winner Of my Pick of the week blog contest.

Thrifted vintage sweaters
Garbage bag bows. Denim upon denim upon denim?
This pretty young Maighdlyn not only has a unique eye for taste & brilliant cheap thrills, but also a keen eye on handsome men....yes Chris Pain is a cute one.

What would you call your style?

Hmmm... I'd probably call it style schizophrenia. I like to add whimsy to classic pieces and trends with a good helping of random thrift store finds.

How did you feel when I chose you to appear on my blog?

Really excited and flattered! I couldn't really believe that other people were actually interested in the way that I dress.

What is always in your purse?

I'm not organized enough to carry a purse, but I always have lip balm (I'm currently in love with C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip Shine), a pencil and moleskine cahier to jot down doodles and ideas in, my phone, and my driver's license in my pocket or backpack.

Drink of choice?

Chocolate milk rocks.

What is one fashion mistake you always tend to break?

All of them, probably.

Wait, is there even such thing as a fashion mistake?

Not if you don't care about them! Confidence works better than the most expensive accessory: if you hold your head high wearing thrift store clothes, you'll look infinitely better than sulking in Chanel.

Hottest actor?

Well, Chris Pine was looking pretty hot in Star Trek. Oh god, I'm a such a nerd!

Whats in your ipod?

Regina Spektor, The Hush Sound, Lucia Micarelli, Yo Yo Ma, and soundtracks from musicals. To name a few.

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