I think that for the next week I'm going to have a lot of pictures of shoes that I love and want fort this coming spring..and just in life!
My friend Celine who lives in Paris has been asking me what shoes she thinks she should get. I do think that TopShop really has some great new sandals and well Urban Outfitters never lets me down!

Since neither of these two awesome store exist in Paris I shall have to try and post shoes that you can only get in France..since that is where she lives and all.

Photos courtesy of:Topshop

all under 90Euros :)

I don't know if any one remembers Naf Naf, but I certainly do.
Anyways i thought that I would be a great friend to all my friends in Biarritz and Paris who sometimes don't want to shop at Naf Naf. I think that sometimes the store can look a little like Forever 21 on the worst day possible. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a little safari! You may end up finding some great deals.

OK I'm going to stop blabbing.
I picked a few of my favorites of the end of the season Fall/winter collection of Naf Naf. As you can see it's pretty much all very simple pieces. I feel that less the dress is loud, more you can do with it & accessorise.

Photos courtesy of:Naf Naf


  1. Il est cool ce short beige, j'en ai fabriqué un avec un pantalon.


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